Sunday, July 6, 2014

Alison Heath Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity #7

In this video, Alison Heath -- Longevity Rescuer and host of the EMFsummit -- discusses the industry-funded research that report that wireless internet systems are completely risk-free. She calls this "junk science"; half-truths released to make people feel better about purchasing wifi-ready cellphones. These gadgets may send out low-level EMF radiation, but they can still lead to neurological damage to DNA strands even at that frequency. She again invites the audiences to join her on the EMFsummit -- the first free online event on the direct effects of EMF and Electrosmog. Noted figures like Sharon Noble -- director of Citizens for Safe Technologies -- and Dr. Magda Havas are among the guests who will be joining this event. via IFTTT

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